Effect of green marketing on consumer purchase behavior Narges Delafrooz1, Mohammad Taleghani2,.Peer review This journal operates a double blind review process.Invited Research Review articles are quite rare and highly selective.


The Share Link can be used for sharing the article via any communication channel, including email and social media.Language (usage and editing services) Please write your text in good English (American or British usage is accepted, but not a mixture of these).

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Examples include manuscripts whose findings: (1) are novel and interesting by themselves, (2) refute commonly held beliefs, (3) refute prior theory, or (4) refute prior explanatory processes.TIFF (or JPEG): Color or grayscale photographs (halftones), keep to a minimum of 300 dpi.If excerpts from other copyrighted works are included, the author(s) must obtain written permission from the copyright owners and credit the source(s) in the article.The rise of the African consumer. because of a dearth of market research. That,.

Author rights As an author you (or your employer or institution) have certain rights to reuse your work.It is also relevant to professionals in advertising and public relations, marketing and branding, consumer and market research, and public policy.An abstract is often presented separately from the article, so it must be able to stand alone.Permission of the Publisher is required for resale or distribution outside the institution and for all other derivative works, including compilations and translations.Online proof correction Corresponding authors will receive an e-mail with a link to our online proofing system, allowing annotation and correction of proofs online.The Journal is widely regarded as one of the top journals both in psychology and marketing.The electronic text should be prepared in a way very similar to that of conventional manuscripts (see also the Guide to Publishing with Elsevier: ).

Invited Research Reviews are not designed to be self-motivated or idiosyncratic.Customer behaviour study is based on consumer buying behaviour,.For further information on the preparation of electronic artwork, please see.Cultural biases influence purchasing behavior when information is.Because Research Reports are meant to be widely disseminated to spark new research, they should also be easy to read.Research Articles: 50 pages maximum (double-spaced), including abstract, references, tables and figures.Additional appendices may be included and should be uploaded as a single file.Number them consecutively throughout the article, using superscript Arabic numbers.Papers deemed suitable are then typically sent to a minimum of two independent expert reviewers to assess the scientific quality of the paper.

However, results of survey research, correlational studies, and other methodological paradigms are also welcomed to the extent that the findings extend our psychological understanding of consumer behavior.

Methods already published should be indicated by a reference: only relevant modifications should be described.In such cases, authors must inform the editors at the time of submission.Research papers on consumer behaviour Ziva November 28, 2016.Abstract A concise and factual abstract limited to 175 words is required.While research groups have long studied consumer behavior in places like.Shortage of space should not result in a lack of care in the literature review.Data references: Oguro, M., Imahiro, S., Saito, S., Nakashizuka, T. (2015). Mortality data for Japanese oak wilt disease and surrounding forest compositions.In accordance with APA style, indicate the position of footnotes in the text and present the footnotes themselves on a separate page at the end of the article.These guidelines are in large part a codification of established practices in APA Journals, and reflect a concerted attempt to optimize the transparency and replicability of the research without imposing an excessive documentation burden on the authors.

For instance, if the authors only provide preliminary evidence of the process, they need to acknowledge upfront that other accounts are possible.Psychology in Action is an organization formed by UCLA Psychology doctoral students.The submitting author should clearly state in the cover letter that the manuscript is related to a previous submission and provide the identification number of the previous submission.

Authors reusing data available from public repositories must provide program code, scripts for statistical packages, and other documentation sufficient to allow an informed researcher to precisely reproduce all published results.Please ensure that every reference cited in the text is also present in the reference list (and vice versa).

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Submitted manuscripts should respect the following length requirements: Research Reports: less than 4,000 words, excluding abstract, references, tables and figures.Transparency and Reproductibility When preparing their manuscript for submission it is critical that the authors strive to make their research methodology as transparent and reproducible as possible.Guidelines for Research Reports What is the Journal of Consumer Psychology (JCP) looking for in Research Reports.

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Please check carefully before replying, as inclusion of any subsequent corrections cannot be guaranteed.Offprints The corresponding author will, at no cost, receive a customized Share Link providing 50 days free access to the final published version of the article on ScienceDirect.A caption should include a brief title (not on the figure itself) and a description of the illustration.Provide an adequate background, avoiding a detailed literature survey or a summary of the results.

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This recent social media research provides insights about consumer behavior based and key takeaways that you can apply for your own business.The list of references should be arranged first alphabetically and then further sorted chronologically if necessary.