Coach Yoast is the white football leader, who shows his leadership by gaining respect and always letting the team speak their mind.He made it clear that everyone will have a chance and the better person would play regardless of color.

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The players attended a training camp where white and black players do not mix.

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Gerry, the team captain, and Julius, his black roommate, got off to a rough start. In the. beginning, each disliked the other intensely.In the movie Remember the Titans Gerry and Julius worked to overcome racial issues and eventually resolved their unnecessary conflict.

Remember the Titans Plot Line From racism to winning a state championship, Remember the Titans is a movie that can be related to by many people.The film also celebrates success on the football field, however the greater messages explore racism and the friendships that develop.There are avid examples of the work he does with the football team to illustrate these principal ideas.Herman Boone, a black man, is picked to be the head coach of the team which causes uproar with members of the white community.Remember the Titans is a 2000 American sports film produced by Jerry and directed by Boaz yakin.

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In Alexandria, Virginia integration of schools had started a huge fire in the city.Gerry is the captain of the football team and shows leadership by influencing.

The coach wakes up the entire team for a long distance run that lasts until the sun is staring to rise and.Within this organization there are two main leader who take very different approaches in there method. of management.The school board had hired Coach Herman Boone as the head coach for another school in the district, an all black school, but decided to use him as a role model and placed him as the head coach of the Titans.

In the movie the football team is the main focus because a black man is hired to coach the team over a successful white coach.

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Because of this, the previous coach Bill Yoast, a white man, decides. Remember the Titans (Widescreen Edition

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The movie is about a football team and the Caucasian head coach of the Titans is replaced by an African American coach.Coach Boone offered offer Yoast a chance to stay and coach along side him.

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In a group or a team each individual is relying on one another to perform to a certain level of expectation in order for their team or group to succeed.

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Remember the titans is a film based on a true story of a high school football team in Alexandria Virginia T.C Williams High.The creation of friendships, their attitudes towards each other and realising.

This quote is important, especially in the movie, because it sets an example that change is necessary and possible.If The Titans are to loose a match Coach Boone will not only loose his job, both himself and the community will loose the hope of ever having this system of integration work.

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Coach Boone took everyone for a run through the forest to the grounds where the battle of Gettysburg was held.

Based on actual events that took place in 1971, this movie. is about the racial and social tensions of the South.

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Those tensions were made evident then the football players were buying for spots on.He is willing to give away his hall of. fame. Able to come down hard on the offenders).Within the film, Remember the Titans there are endless number of events where Discipline.Remember the Titans is a movie about a white football team that starts allowing. black people to join the team.