The growth of national income is an index of the growth of the productive capacity of an economy.

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First, take the case when aggregate supply exceeds aggregate demand.

It has to define exactly, whether it is geographical entity of the country or the nationals including those residing abroad.That is why, consumer goods and services are produced from total consumption expenditure and aggregate savings are invested in the production of capital goods.This is due to the multiplier effect which depends upon the value of MPC or MPS where MPC or MPS Taxation: Now we explain the effects of taxes on the level of national income.

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To avoid further accumulation of inventories, businessmen will reduce production.A country with abundant resources will be dormant without any determination if the resources are not scientifically exploited.Two Sectors, Three Sectors and Four Sector Model of National Income Determination.Factors determining national income can be discussed as follows-.

The money value of the final goods and services produced in the economy to avoid double counting.This figure thus arrived at will give us G.N.P. The merit of this method is that it believes in the identity between national expenditure, income and total product.We explain these two approaches one by one with the help of Figure 1 (A) and (B).But businessmen intend to make investment equal to dk in order to buy investment goods.

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Here the aggregate demand is Y 1 E 1 and the aggregate output is Y 1 a.The impact of exports and imports is similar to that of the government expenditure.

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In order to avoid further inventory accumulation, they will reduce production.Problems in agricultural sector: in agricultural activities there is a good deal of guess work in data relating to cropwise production and in figures relating to animals and forest products.

In other words, they can be used to cross-check reliability of each other.Share of various sectors can be studied to find out structural defects and weaknesses of the economy.

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Formulation of economic policies: national income statistics are valuable instruments of economic analysis and a guide to economic policies to be pursued.

The saving and investment functions intersect at point E which determines the equilibrium level of income OY.Natural resources combined with advanced technology will go a long way in increasing the size of national income.Four Sector Model: Income Determination in Open Economy: We shall now show how national income is determined in an open economy.They Answers to economy achieves equilibrium level of national income.Khalid Ahmad Omar. connect to download. Get docx. Final Assignment. National income thus may be defined as the sum of wages,.This income level is more than the income level OY without government expenditure.

Indicator of economic welfare: it enables us to study per capita income or per capita consumption which are general indicators of economic growth.Equality of Saving and Investment: The equilibrium level of income can also be shown by the equality of the saving and investment functions.Political stability: the key to increase the national income rests with important factors like capital formation, natural resources, technical know-how and political stability.Traditional economic models have largely failed to account adequately for the roles of money and finance in economic operations.Chapter 16: Equilibrium in a Macroeconomic Model. intersection of these two lines yields the equilibrium level of national income, but it is much more important to...The quantity of labour has double influence since labour is both a factor of production as well as the consumer of what is produced.Whichever method we use the result should be more or less the same.But in under developed countries this method may give rise to various problems like imputation of money values to non- monetized sector.At this income level OY 2, saving exceeds investment by gE 2.

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Suppose there is disequilibrium in aggregate supply and aggregate demand of the economy.


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This depreciation is loss to the economy and it will not be deducted from GNP produced in the economy.

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Quality and quantity of factors of production: the quality and quantity of land, the climate, the rainfall, etc., determine the quantity and quality of agricultural production.The money wage rate is constant. 12. There is stable consumption function. 13. The rate of interest is fixed. 14. The analysis relates to the short period.