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While this is generally understood to refer to a geographic area, it actually refers to rackets officially designated as belonging to a family.Each regional Mafia is made up of various Families or gangs. The no. may range from a few to over a 100 depending upon the region.The Follow List of Mafia Terms is a Collaboration of the People who play them regularly.The deal that was alledged to have been made was a repeal of 41 bis, among other anti-Mafia laws in return for electoral deliverances in Sicily.Synonyms for mafia at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions.A financial racketeer who loans money at usurious interest rates.An individual who observes the principles of omerta even when it brings harm to himself.Also sometimes used to refer to the potential for racket income.

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However, on the sidelines lay the Mafia, quietly infiltrating and corrupting.In fact, this is an Anglicisation, as many of these criminal organisations have their own names for the style of organised crime practiced by the Sicilian and American Mafia.Paper locals are known to have played a role in Teamster Union elections.A Made man, also known as a Wiseguy, Made guy, Man of honor, or Mafioso (plural: Mafiosi), is someone who has been officially inducted, usually as a soldier into a.

Mafia definition, a hierarchically structured secret organization allegedly engaged in smuggling, racketeering, trafficking in narcotics, and other criminal.Certainly many Mafia Historians such as John Dickie believe this view to be false.However, no boss in the modern era has been addressed by that title.Capo di Capi Re (a title of respect given to a senior or retired member, equivalent to being a chairman emeritus.).

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Colonna was well known as a political protector of members of the Sect and it is this kind of relationship with Government which has characterised the Mafia in Sicily.Antonyms for Italian Mafia. 5 synonyms for Mafia: Cosa Nostra, Maffia, Sicilian Mafia, Maffia, maffia.After the war Luciano was rewarded by being deported to Italy, where he was able to continue his criminal career unhindered.

In Italy in particular, there has been a long history of police prosecutors and judges being murdered by the Mafia in an attempt to discourage vigorous policing.Two seperate investigations against the Sicilian Mafia in...In fact it was the early Italian government which attached specific criminal connotations to the word and turned it into a subject of national debate.The Americans cynically took advantage of the circumstances and they utilised the Italian connection of the American Mafiosi during the invasion of Italy and Sicily in 1943.In actuality, Mussolini conducted the most successful anti-Mafia operation ever, albeit with severe losses of civil liberties.Also a holding location where individuals are screened before being taken to an illicit activity, such as a crap game.He now alledges that in 1993, Cosa Nostra had direct contact with representatives of Silvio Berlusconi while he was planning the birth of Forza Italia.A glossary of slang terms used in relation to American Mafia history.

Once the order is received, the made man must report as ordered.The act of ordering - without explanation - a made man to report to his superiors.Indicate for a hit man that a certain individual is the target of a murder assignment.

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Antonyms for The Italian Mafia. 5 synonyms for Mafia: Cosa Nostra, Maffia, Sicilian Mafia, Maffia, maffia. What are.A traditional term of respect for a male in Romance languages, which has been corrupted in some circles to refer to Mafia bosses.

Its collection of slang has been building for more than a century.Striving for credibility after denying the existence of a nationwide Mafia for decades, J.

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Find out more about the history of Origins of the Mafia, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, historical features and more.Read Mafia Terms from the story The One Weakness (manXman) by RaphaelTheRaider (Raphael) with 55,769 reads. gay, versatile, paranormal.Names of non-existent or no-show employees added to a payroll (typically through a corrupt labor union) in order to funnel money to the Mafia.Loan sharks often arrange payment terms that never reduce the loan principal.May also apply to Mafia crime families that came about through the merger of other smaller units. Syndicate.