The social and cognitive benefits of bilingualism and multilingualism are many and include BENEFIT 1, BENEFIT 2, and BENEFIT 3.Use specific reasons and examples to support your position. 18. Representatives of credit card companies can often be found on college campuses offering special incentives to get students to fill out credit card applications.Explain your answer. 41. Many people feel that the use of surveillance cameras in public places, such as parking lots, is a good idea that can help ensure our safety.Check out the extensive list of argumentative essay topics below and choose one that you feel comfortable working with.In your opinion, how should security in public schools be handled.Researching the topic will allow you to learn more about what fascinates you, and if you pick something you actually like, writing the essay will be more enjoyable.Explain your position using specific reasons and examples. 37. Today, more and more colleges and universities are offering not only individual courses but entire degree programs online.The 50 topics in this post should lead you to something good.

Free Free argumentative essays papers, essays, and research papers.Persuasion essays are similar to argument essays, but typically less confrontational in their point of view. 100 Persuasive Essay Topics Share.

Some educators believe that this is a disservice and that these students should be immersed in the English language.Others feel that it is an excellent way to help students begin to build credit and learn financial responsibility.

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Please check that your browser supports JavaScript and that it is enabled in the browser settings.Argumentative essays. good topics for argumentative persuasive essays.Hot topics involving change and extensive conflict: Menu Past and.

Keep in mind that an argumentative essay is based more on facts as opposed.Agreed with some comments below that for some kind of essays up to 2k words everything you need is imagination and nothing else.

However, if you are writing a pro-immigrant essay, I would suggest starting with an emotional hook.

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Many junior high and high schools around the country now require students to spend a certain number of hours each term doing volunteer work or community service.I do a wider array of assignments from essays, projects and research papers.Some people feel that cities with extensive public transportation systems should ban passenger cars and force people to walk, bike, or use public transportation.

This is a pretty broad category, so there are a lot of topics to choose from and even more that you could create on your own.

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Violent Video Games Directly Correlate To Violence In Schools.THE ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY. An argumentative essay usually begins with a statement of opinion to be supported by.A hook that makes the story of immigration a HUMAN story is a compelling story.

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Hopefully you can use one of the above 50 topics as a potential starting point.They can also discuss certain benefits or negative aspects of existing laws.All Minnesota K - 12 public schools should adopt a school uniform.

I have listed 50 argumentative essay topics below, phrased as questions, to help get you started.Writing argumentative essays could be challenging if your writing.